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    Pierce,Pierce Fab Preparation Kit,10 rnxs, (0.25-4

    貨號:44985,名稱: Pierce Fab Preparation Kit,10 rnxs, (0.25-4mg Ab per rxn) ,品牌:PIERCE,規格:KIT
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    Pierce Fab Preparation Kit,10 rnxs, (0.25-4mg Ab per rxn) 介紹

    Thermo Scientific BCA蛋白定量產品可以用于研究蛋白:蛋白間相互作用,衡量親和層析后的組分含量,估算從細胞裂解液里提取的膜蛋白含量和高通量篩選融合蛋白。


    Pierce Fab Preparation Kit,10 rnxs, (0.25-4mg Ab per rxn) 現貨供應




    Pierce Fab Preparation Kit,10 rnxs, (0.25-4mg Ab per rxn)




    Pierce F(ab')2 Preparation Kit, 10 rnxs,




    DyLight(tm) 488 NHS Ester,    5 x 50 ug

    5 X 50UG


    Pierce Fab Preparation Kit,10 rnxs, (0.25-4mg Ab per rxn) 品牌介紹












    Pierce Fab Preparation Kit,10 rnxs, (0.25-4mg Ab per rxn) 僅用于科研


    Pierce Fab Preparation Kits

    Thermo Scientific Pierce Fab Preparation Kits use immobilized papain protease to digest human or mouse IgG antibodies to make separate Fab and Fc fragments and subsequently to purify the Fab using Protein A agarose.

    These Fab Preparation Kits are suitable for human, rabbit, mouse and other species and subclasses of IgG. The papain antibody digestion reaction is performed in convenient disposable spin columns that allow efficient removal of the immobilized protease and maximum recovery of the IgG fragments. Also included in the kits are Thermo Scientific NAb Protein A Spin Columns and buffers to efficiently purify the resulting fragments. Protein A binds the Fc fragments and undigested IgG, allowing the pure Fab fragments to be recovered in the flow-through fraction. The kits also include Thermo Scientific Zeba Desalting Spin Columns for preparing the IgG sample quickly without dilution instead of utilizing time-consuming dialysis steps.


    • Enzyme-free digestion products – Immobilized Papain (beaded agarose resin) provides for control of the digestion reaction and complete removal of resulting antibody fragments from the proteolytic enzyme
    • Suitable for human and other species of IgG – the kit procedure is optimized for human, mouse and rabbit IgG, but papain-based digestion is also effective for many species and subclasses of IgG including rat, goat and pig (Note: for best results with mouse IgG1, use Part No. 44980.)
    • High capacity – kit provides for digestion and purification from as much as 4mg of IgG at a time. Use the standard size kit for fragmenting 0.25 to 4mg IgG, and the micro kit for 25 to 250µg IgG.
    • Provides ready-to-use Fab – digestion and final recovery of purified Fab fragments occurs in neutral pH sodium phosphate buffer, suitable for storage or immediate use in typical applications
    • Complete – kits include all reagents needed to prepare and purify antibody fragments
    • Fast – spin format greatly reduces sample processing time
    • Flexible – Protocols are included for multiple species and IgG subclasses, as well as sample size and concentration.
    • Efficient – enhanced yield and sample purity



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